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What has your home state contributed?

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Russell Crowe um nah, um Daniel Bedingfield um wait thats worse, um Anna Paquin hmmm not really, Peter Jackson hmm close, maybe the host guy from The Amazing Race, nope that is getting worse, meh **** it, Bungee Jumping, um the Electric Fence oh i know the Navman GPS' Yip thats it!! your all welcome

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Although I live in the metro-Atlanta area today, my home state is New York

New York Yankees: 27 World Championships

and here are a few individuals who made contributions to the world:

George Abbott stage producer, Forestville

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar basketball player, NYC

George Babcock inventor, Unadilla Forks

Lucille Ball actress, Jamestown

Humphrey Bogart actor, NYC

James Cagney actor, NYC

Maria Callas soprano, NYC

Benjamin N. Cardozo jurist, NYC

Willis Haviland Carrier inventor, Angola

Paddy Chayefsky playwright, NYC

Bruce Cooper Clark general, Adams

Sean Combs Puff Daddy music, NYC

Peter Cooper industrialist, philanthropist, NYC

Aaron Copland composer, Brooklyn

Tom Cruise actor, Syracuse

Claire Danes actress, NYC

Sammy Davis, Jr. actor, singer, NYC

Agnes de Mille choreographer, NYC

George Eastman inventor, Waterville

Gertrude Belle Elion inventor, NYC

Millard Fillmore U.S. president, Locke

Henry Louis Gehrig baseball player, NYC

Sarah Gellar actress, NYC

George Gershwin composer, Brooklyn

Jackie Gleason comedian, actor, Brooklyn

Bret Harte writer, Albany

Learned Hand jurist, Albany

Chamique Holdsclaw basketball player, Flushing

Edward Hopper painter, Nyack

Julia Ward Howe poet, social reformer, NYC

Charles Evans Hughes jurist, Glens Falls

Washington Irving author, NYC

Henry James author, NYC

John Jay jurist, NYC

Billy Joel singer, composer, Hicksville

Michael Jeffery Jordan basketball player, Brooklyn

Jerome Kern composer, NYC

Rockwell Kent painter, Terrytown

Frank Langellaactor, Bayonne

Victor Lasky author, Liberty

Vince Lombardi football coach, NYC

Chico, Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo Marx comedians, NYC

Herman Melville author, NYC

Ethel Merman singer, actress, Astoria

Ogden Nash poet, Rye

Rosie O'Donnel comedian, Commach

Eugene O'Neill playwright, NYC

George Pullman inventor, Brocton

Red Jacket Seneca chief

Christopher Reeve actor, spokesperson, Manhattan

John D. Rockefeller industrialist, Richford

Norman Rockwell painter, illustrator, NYC

Mickey Rooney actor, Brooklyn

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt reformer, humanitarian, NYC

Franklin D. Roosevelt U.S. president, Hyde Park

Theodore Roosevelt U.S. president, NYC

Jonas Salk polio researcher, NYC

Margaret Sanger birth control, Corning

Alfred Emanuel Smith politician, NYC

Leland Stanford railroad magnate, Watervliet

Barbara Stanwyck actress, Brooklyn

Rise Stevens mezzo-soprano, NYC

Barbra Streisand singer, actress, NYC

Tupac Shakur rapper, Bronx

Louis Comfort Tiffany painter, craftsman, NYC

Martin Van Buren U.S. president, Kinderhook

Mae West actress, Brooklyn

George Westinghouse Jr. inventor, Central Bridge

Edith Wharton author, NYC

Walt Whitman poet, West Hills

John N. Willys indrustrialist, Canandaiqua

Frank Winfield Woolworth merchant, Rodman

Linus Yale inventor, Salisbury

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Jimmy Carter

Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, Sugarland, Usher, TLC, REM and Hip Hop (not NY or LA rap)

World's Largest and Busiest Airport

Kim Basinger and Julia Roberts

Thousands of fine babes

Just to add a few more:

James Brown

Little Richard

Blind Willie McTell

The B-52's

Otis Redding

Amy Grant

Jessye Norman

Lawrence Fishburne

Hulk Hogan


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