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Falcon fans and there superbowl picks


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Half of you *** clowns picked Arizona to represent in the Superbowl. I promise you this, if they play the Saints and we get 5 turnovers the score will be a lor worse. Do you *** clowns still think the Cards will represent? Looks like they are having a meltdown?

DogKiller's English teacher just hung herself.

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your secondary let Michael Jenkins beat you ..lol

he made Darren Sharper look 42 years old ..embarrassing

A secondary without Greer and Porter...the falcon fans never seem to address this fact. You remind me of our President, always avoiding the facts and twisting **** around. Sharper got burned yesterday. Care to discuss the # of interceptions he had when we had a healthy Porter and Greer.

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All you inbred but pirate fans can talk about is grammer, your teams injuries and conspiracy theories. How about you discuss the fact that the Falcons are **** this year. WHO DAT

Aren't you the guy who took the shot in the mouth from Reggie Bush because it was the only Bush you could ever get?

Oh, and it's "B-U-T-T pirate" you incestuous, cajun, ball licker.

I could have just said "cajun" because that entails incestuous and ball licker, but I thought I might have to spell it out for you since your IQ is quite obviously lower than that of a low quality fungus. Not even up on the level of a higher fungus like a mushroom, but down on par with something low, like jock itch, which you now have on your lips from Bush.

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