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I root for the Falcons every home game from section 330 row 15 seats 1, 4-6. So I am qualified to say this. This message board is full of excuse making crybabies. Become a fan of the GAME first then choose a team to root for. That will alieviate (sp?) the tendency to resort to making excuses and practicing crybabyism.

Grow a set. ( ladies too I don't give a *&^$ boo ).

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Just because you are a supposed season ticket holder that does not make you an authority on all things Falcons related anymore then it makes a person who buys a ticket for the movies a film critic... All that tells me is that you have enough money to afford season tickets. You are entitled to your opinion just as those who read that opinion are then entitled to give you a negative rating for said opinion. A negative rating in the 100's I think speaks volumes as to the validity of yours.

Stop being a 'crybaby' and at least have the convictions of your own views to stand by them by constructing logical and well thought out arguments instead of starting threads lashing out at those people who don't agree with you.

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