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Do you want BVG back next year?



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  1. 1. do you want bvg back?

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I voted 'no', but i think we'll keep him for another year.

Considering all the circumstances with injuries and whatnot he'll probably get another chance. TD will get him a couple more playmakers and will demand improvement.

Personally, i dont really want to see them start breaking up the coaching staff for at least another year. 3 year process? But i wouldnt be opposed to a big name, big talent DC

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tbh i want someone new running our D. i don't have a problem with running a C2 defense, but BVG's playcalling and predictability is HORRIBLE. i cut him some slack last year (it was his first year with a new team). i cut him some slack at the begging of this year (new players, + injuries) but i'm fed up with him now. i swear he has like 5 plays on his defensive play call sheet. we don't do anything exotic. we don't do a good job disguising what we're doing and he doesn't know when to blitz and when to back off.

we're seeing the same stupid **** from him week after week after week and our D has been bad back to back years.

i'm not saying i want to switch to a 3-4 or anything, i just want a new d coordinator.

If Smitty was actually calling the plays in the second half last game, then no, unless he's just going to be a figurehead and Smitty is calling the defensive plays.

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