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I know everyone is hating on BVG and the defense


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THe saints we were playing, the number one offense in the nfl.......and just like last game we shut them down in the 2nd half.

we held them to 26 points, when they were averaging close to 40 on the season.

and to be honest they should have even had less..... the had not one but TWO gifts on the same drive fro mthe refs that negated a turn over.... the total utter and complete BULL CHIT call on the pi, and the fumble where the refs singled saints ball WAY prematurely..... not to mention @ the end when the defense HAD to make a stand, just like in previous games, they did and at least gave the offense the ball with a chance.

When you look @ what the falcons defense did, when we were missing our best corner ( despite what some of you think Houston IS our best corner) and the fact we were missing key pieces on offense that would have helped the defense just by having the ball more... The defense actually did a pretty good job....... especially in the 2nd half. They were held to 7 points in the 2nd half........ and the saints have been the best team in the nfl of blowing teams out in the second half.

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