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What's Your Definition of a Bust?


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I've run into this several times here. People have different ideas of what a bust is. On one side you have people who think if you don't reach the full potential you were drafted to be, you're a bust. On the other end you have people who think the only way you bust is if you don't even play, thus contributing nothing. You have people at all points in between as well.

Personally, I think if you don't come close to being what you were drafted to be, you're a bust. You can be a productive player and still be a bust. To me, determining a bust is dependent on what expectations of you were. Michael Jenkins is a bust to me. He was drafted to be a big play receiver. A number one guy who the QB could count on to get open and get the ball. He's a productive player, but he's not what he was drafted to be. He's not close to what he was drafted to be.

I think people get too defensive when the term "bust" is thrown around. They tend to say things like, "It's not the player's fault expectations were too high." But the thing is, busting is not meeting these expectations. A player being a bust doesn't make them a bad person or even a bad player. It just means they shouldn't have been drafted that high.

Am I totally off base here?

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JA98 is the only real bust that we have on this team. At least Jenkins can make plays more often than not. JA98 is the Invisible Man out there.

Yep. He was playing pretty good for a few games earlier in the season but he's disappeared again. Now he's not getting that much playing time. I think he gets cut this offseason.

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It's a subjective and relative term, so there is always going to be argument and disagreement over who is/isn't a bust.

I do know expectations and draft position play a big part, because a late round pick will never be called a bust, even if they are just a marginal contributer/special teams guy.

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I don't think Jenkins is a bust. He's a decent #2 WR, which is about what you would expect to get in a late first round pick.

I think Jenkins was expected to be more. I've gone back and read what was said about him coming out of Ohio State. It was said that if you could build the perfect receiver, he'd look a lot like Jenkins. Big, fast, good hands. I think his acceleration has been a disappointment, his hands have been a huge disappointment, and he doesn't use his size well.

But this isn't a bash Jenkins thread. I think that Jenkins was expected to be a number 1 and since he's a number 2, at best, he's a bust. There are levels of bust. Anderson is a bigger bust than Jenkins.

Perhaps "draft disappointment" should enter the vernacular like "draft bust" has so we could be more accurate.

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Jamaal Anderson - Huge Bust. 8th Overall pick and bottom of the barrell production.

Chris Houston - Bust - Drafted to be a good starting CB, with near 1st round talent. He's a liability more times than not. Probably has 2-3 good games a year, the rest of the time he's a liability.

Jimmy Williams - Huge Bust - Drafted to be a good starting CB. Was an absolute waste on the field and off it.

DeAngelo Hall - Bust - For an 8th Overall pick, he doesn't play that well. Not a huge bust, but when you throw in his antics it just gets bad -.

Michael Jenkins - Bust. Still servicable, but not a #1 WR.

Rich McKay did find some servicable players in the later rounds, but he was not good with the top picks at all. You bust on top picks, you're not going to do well in this league.

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