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So What Do We Actually Need To Happen


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Alright guys if your going to be immature jsut don't post, im asking which teams need to win/lose.

It's over, deal with it. We've gone 2-5 since the start of November, that's a slide in case it isn't so obvious. I charted and posted our record and Philly's record over Nov & Dec since 2004 recently. There is no way we can finish that stretch better than 4-5 this season, and during those years neither team saw playoffs if they finished below .500 in that period, it wasn't even possible if you finished at .500. Yeah there's a January game, but it won't make any difference. This is the worst possible part of the season to lose, and the late season losing has knocked them out.

So if you don't want to be told what you are being told then don't ask.

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Dallas is really bad in December, so it can happen. The giants will hopefully lose to Philly. Two more losses? I don't know man. I say let's just play out and see what happens.

Giants/Vikings in week 17. Doubt the Vikings are playing for anything then & Favre probably rests, but still, have a little hope there. The other 2 games for the Giants are Washington & Carolina.

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To put it as simple as possible heres what needs to happen.

Falcons 3-0

Cowboys 0-3

Giants 1-3

That happens we are in. If the Cowboys end up beating the Chargers we are out. A win today would have been huge. Also if the Bears could have beat the Packers it would have helped us alot because instead of Dallas going 0-4 we would need the Packers to go 0-3. Its a long shot, but anything is possible. We all know how Dallas plays in December, and we have a pretty easy finish.

Edit- Updated with the Cowboys loss to the Chargers.

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