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Hard Loss

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Howdy fellow Falcons fans, I'm a long time lurker of the boards, and I've finally decided to create an account and "contribute." Today was a tough loss, along with the disappointing season we've been having. Calling the wildcat after Weems got us a decent starting position only to lose 9 something yards on the play really put the icing on the cake. With that said, must we as Falcons fans always have to bring up Hurricane Katrina, or crime rates in New Orleans? Is that what we've devolved to, topics totally unrelated to football? I personally think it's a sad state of affairs, and am looking forward to this process of rebuilding the Falcons are under. Patience my friends, we will be good again.

Thanks, and feel free to tell me to **** myself. lol.

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Thank you. I'm just getting really tired of our only retort being "WELL UR CITY WAS FLOODED HAHAHA NEW ORLEANS IS A CRAPHOLE," it's pathetic.

Very true...when I saw someone say they would like to 'murder Drew Brees and make him meet his mother' I knew we had SOME very unclassy fans. But, the majority of us are NOT.

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Good post friend :) . This was the second most disappointing loss for me (The Eagles game took the cake :angry: ). We have a bright future ahead of us with this team so please don't fall by the wayside like some of us and welcome to the boards :) .

Oh trust me, I'm a Razorback as well, I've known my fair share of disappointments, I'm not that fickle. Haha.

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