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To all the defeatist on this board

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Well we lost. I'm disappointed because I felt like we were going to pull it out there at the end but today is a fine example of how all the defeatist "we have no chance" threads are just ridiculous. There is always a chance and even though we did not win, we showed that today. After the debacle of last week and the fact that this team was playing with so many key injuries, it easily could have folded and it didn't. That's why this team and this organization is different from years past.

You might can criticize Mularkey for the bonehead wildcat play but I would challenge you to criticize the rest of our coaching staff for anything. We were ready to play today and took the almighty undefeated Saints down to the final 2 minutes of the game. We never quit even after it looked as all was lost when Redman threw the INT.

I'm proud of this team with the way that it has endured with all the key injuries and the horrid schedule that was thrust upon us this year. Add to it some absolutely bogus officiating at points today and we did very well to hang in there and have a chance to win in the end. Playoff chances are all but gone but 9-7 is entirely possible and that would be a winning record and give us something to build on next year.

I wanted to go to the playoffs as much as the rest of you but I'm proud of how this team has hung tough through adversity.

For the record, as impressive as the saints record is, they have really been getting luckier and luckier each week and barely surviving. They barely survived us as beat up as we are. I doubt they are going very far in the playoffs.

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