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WTF? More bash Roddy forums n posts than kudos


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That's it I guess. He missed some key catches, he wasn't the only one. Some plays and calls didn't go like we probably think they should ie: Grimes pick....but that's how it goes I guess.

After last year you guys are seriously going to bash Roddy for having a rough year?

He was one of two or three that made everyone proud and happy to be a Falcon's fan last year...remember?

Now you're going to argue key big plays etc. Who's to say? Clabo misses a block and we get sacked for example? No specific play I was mentioning, but who's to say any of the plays we've faultered on this year is any more severe than Roddy's drops?

And it's not just Roddy, quit bashing the players. The TEAM hasn't been playing well, how on God's green Earth is everyone going to pick at one particular player? Wow, and I'm generally the pessimist.

With that said, I think the team played awesome today and we didn't catch some breaks we needed. That's it. I thought it was pretty evenly matched even though we were starting a slew of second stringers.

Good play today guys and keep it up. **** site better than the last several games. Kudos.

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Yeah, I'll have to go along with the Kudos for today's effort. Our "D" played a lot better than I thought they would against Brees & Co., and the offense played a lot better than last week. Special teams was just so-so.

We could have, and should have won that game, but they have to pull the wildcat and make it 1st and 22 and put us in the hole right off the bat. Still, we almost overcame it, in spite of some stupid play calling by "full of Mularkey", there at the end of the game.

So, I guess we're out of the playoffs now, barring some miracle.....now, all we can do is hope for 9 and 7, and end the dreaded curse.



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