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Christmas Shopping Scores and Stories: 2009


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12/12 Scores:

8 GB Ipod Touch - $181 Wally World

Barbie Power Wheels 4 Wheeler - $178 - Wally World

Thomas the Train 146 piece Motorized set - $132 Collectible shop

Sony Home Theater package - $259 HH Gregg

My wife and I are out shopping. A rather grumpy and rude old lady bumps my wife with her cart a few times when my wife busts out with "EXCUSE YOU!!!". The old lady gets mouthy back and the argument is on. So, being the peace loving individual that I am, I step in to try to settle things down so as not to scare any more shoppers or the employees behind the counter. For my efforts, the old lady starts cursing me.

I turn to my wife and say "C'mon babe, look at her. She's been a ***** for, what, almost 200 years now. You aren't going to change that. Let's go.". The old lady was cussing everyone around for laughing as we walked away. :D

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