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falcons lead the league

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I've been to this board many times but didn't register until today. Im not really here to talk smack,(the Saints are having a good year and Im certainly not gonna be the one to jinx them by getting arrogent on opposing message boards) I registered just so that I could post here if the urge ever hit me. I've been a Saint fan long enough to have an inherent dislike for the Falcons but don't really have a beef against individual fans of the team and look forward to football discussions and am certainly braced for some good natured (lol) torment from you guys should the Falcons come up big today, or in future Saints-Falcons games.

Regarding the thread topic. FWIW, although the passer ratings of the top 3 or 4 passers were faily close, when passer ratings were broken down to what was called downfield passing maybe (?) (this was defined by passes that travels 25 yds or more beyond the line of scrimmage) Drew Brees' passer rating was significantly higher than the rest of the league. There was no one close to him so, considering the Falcons propensity for giving up plays of 20 yds or more, on the surface this aspect of the game looks like a nice matchup for the Saints. I'll try to dig up those stats and will come back to edit this post if I do. ( I've read all year where you guys are down on your secondary so, Im sure you can't wait for me to dig up these numbers)


I've seen enough football, particularly Saint-Falcons games to know that anything can happen in this game and won't rest easy until this game is in hand. My concerns for the Saints are injuries at the CB position and the mounting number of injuries throughout the roster as well as the nature of how tough getting wins can be down the stretch when every team is gunning for you.

What's the word on Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. Does anyone know their status for certain?

Good luck fellas

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