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Mock offseason 1.0


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Hoping for a 9-7 season, we pick 18th in this mock.

But first our offseason FA signings.

Carlos Rogers CB Redskins

Thomas Howard LB Raiders

Stephen Gostkowski K (If the Pats let him go)


Harvey Dahl

Tyson Clabo

Jerious Norwood

Michael Koenen

Somehow trade Abe for a 2nd rounder. Throw in one of our compensation picks too(Or can those not be traded?

Round1: Derrick Morgan DE GT

Round2:Abe trade Perrish Cox CB OK ST.

Round3: Matt Tennant C BC

Round4:Dezmon Briscoe WR Kansas

Boom.Bow.Bam. 13-3 next season superbowl victoy!

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I don't think we put a lot of money out there to sign Howard. I think he will demand top money and we are solid with Peterson/Lofton/Nicholas I think we draft the top OLB in the 2011 draft though. I agree with the Rogers signing because it gives us options to move in the draft. Plus, IDK how they are going to handle the K situation so i wont comment on that.

Comp picks can not be traded so that won't work but i think if we sign a FA corner then i think we wouldn't draft another corner depending on how Owens pans out. But if we got Morgan/Cox/Tennant/Briscoe that would be a very solid draft. I think i would replace Briscoe with a game breaker speed demon like Brandon James/Trindon Holliday/Brandon Banks one of the players that have unbelievable speed

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