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Why We Shouldn't Give Up


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I know there are a lot of questions about our team right now. I, as the eternal optimist, think we'll manage to somehow win on Sunday. Even if we don't, though, let's take a look at what it would take to get into the playoffs at 9-7:


Is that really so far-fetched? My somewhat-wacky prediction of the Eagles taking the 2nd seed from the Vikings doesn't have any bearing on it, either, that's just a hunch of mine.

For us to do it, we'd need to win our last three (which if we get Turner and Ryan back, we should be able to), and the following:

1. Dallas to lose out. (remember, Washington is on fire right now)

2. Philly to take the East. (it happened last year)

3. NYG to drop a couple more. (with their schedule, it could very well happen)

Now I know it sucks that we're not completely in control of our destiny thanks to tiebreakers, but we still have a shot, even if we LOSE to New Orleans.

I remember how well we played in the 2nd half of that Giants game. If Turner and Ryan get healthy by the Jets game, that could be the offense we see, and that's a darn good offense.

This team has a lot of problems, but we're not out of the race yet, and there's a strong chance we'll still be in it even if we lose to the Saints.

Maybe it isn't realistic thinking, but it's how I feel. And as far as being one and done in the playoffs, let's worry about that when we get there. :-)

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