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Sunday will be a test as to who steps up and plays


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I still believe there is a chance we can win. More importantly, it is a test to see which player steps up. One thing I can say about coach Smith's team is that they don't have any quit in them. With so many of our normal starters out we will see who can play. We may even be fortunate enough to find a diamond in the rough. Performance in practice is one thing, but what will some players do in a real game situation. Plus, the reserves will not be as banged up as the starters this time of the year so they will be fresh.

Think of how many teams in the past has found gem of players off the bench because someone in front of him got hurt. Let's see which one of our reserve DL, OL, and CBs.

As a fan, I am just as excited about this Sunday as any other.

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As a fellow fan I totally get what you're saying, but I'm also realistic....

And because I'm realistic I'm somewhat sad at what this season turned into......Injuries all over the place, inconsistent play even when we were relatively healthy, the Vick mess last Sunday and now this foolishness with Babineaux.

It's discouraging.

Dimitroff needs to do a better job stockpiling this team with players this offseason.

His first year: A

This year: C- or even D+

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I just don't want them to go out and roll over for them. We lost when we played them on Monday Night and to be honest I was extremely proud of the effort/fight they gave in that game. On the flipside, I was extremely disappointed with the effort I saw last week out of most of the team outside of a few guys. All I can ask as a fan is that they play to win...regardless of who is in or out of the game.

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Hey just throw in the towel for this game. Rest ANYONE even remotely injured, and save them for a run at 9-7.

This game is only important in how it affects us going 9-7, and we have no chance of winning.

Save the roster for another day.

Are you kidding? Rest them if we lose Sunday, not the other way around. I have faith that the staff realizes 9-7 is not imprtant...playoff runs are. If we're out after Sunday shut guys down for the season.

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