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Ryan out for Sunday


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I hope he can play but if he isn't a 100% than why risk it? Also on the bright side I'm glad Mclure expects to play and Baker is practicing. Hopefully they can be on the field with Turner as well. Harvey Dahl also seems unlikely but sure as **** glad we are getting two out of three lineman back. Hopefully Redman can prove that he is at least worthy to be a back up.

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My ongoing cry is to sit Ryan and Turner. A healthy qb and starting rb for the

last three games will give a better chance of reaching our goal of back-to-back

winning seasons.

like hines ward said yesterday before their game against the browns..THERE IS NO TOMORROW...until you are mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs, everyone should give their all if the season is on the line. hines played with a bad hamstring because he knew their playoff hopes was on the line. So you sayin sit ryan and turner and leave them for the last 3 games is like giving up basically. makes the question come into play if you are a real fan or not. Our goal is not back to back winning seasons, its making the playoffs. What ignorant coach goes into the season sayin, "ok guys, we just want to have a winning season to erase the curse of no back to back winning seasons". no

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