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2010 season draft or free agent

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I'm not a scout for nfl football or know how to run a professional football team but what i do know is talent. What people got to realize is that its not all about how fast you can run or how high you can jump or how much you can bench? When it comes to football more athlete guys tend to have a better stat by the year but doesnt mean you will have a better winning career. I have been watching alot of football for the pass 8 season in both college and nfl and what i have notice is that certain players in college have such high numbers is because of the schemes there in or the talent they play against therefore their numbers are so misleading. When it comes to football its more about the system you in and the knowledge of the game you have (thats in every sport as well). What makes the combine so overrated is b/c scouts fall in love with times and numbers not actually stats and film evaulation.

Yes Combine is good for a player that might not be well known or player in a lower level school to see if the player got the talent to make it to the next level. You know what they say.. you can teach technique and scheme but never speed. Have you notice teams that win the championship games in any sport all do it with major veterans at the key positions, including first with Coaches, QB, Linebacker, Secondary, O-line, D-line and even sometimes WR. Im not saying every linebacker should be old or even every cornerback or saftey should be 10 year vet but there has never been a rookie QB or rookie head coach to every win the superbowl (I believe im right not 100%)! Why its?? B/c the lack of experience. So i believe why the Pats and Pitt were so good the early years is b/c of smart football players and experience ones as well. Why it took Peyton so long to win the superbowl is b/c of needing the experience. I promise you this colts rookie head coach wont win the superbowl cuz of one bone head call that went against him. But For once he will have to actually make a big decision in the limelight and he wont have that experience to make that right call. Watch what happens during the playoffs... you see what i will be talking about!!

Yes falcons were in a rebuilding year and yes we wanted to get rid of age and expensive cap to make room for younger and get our players up to speed. I believe after this year Coach Smith and Thomas D. experience first hand that you cant just win it with all youth at the key positions. You have to have at least someone at those positions to aid or correct our young players not just how to line up but also knowing what the next offense or defense of play will be called. That only comes with instincts and experience. You cant teach that you can only learn it from years of experience. So I hope we will work the free agents next year and and make key moves with some of our players and watching the upcoming newbies for the 2010 draft will be interesting.

My theory or my view of how we should go for the 2010 season?

lets see on our roster who are free agents taking up alot of cap room?

norwood: free agent

snelling: unrestricted free agent

grimes: unrestricted free agent

Brian Finn: wont be resigned and probably retire become a reciever coach or whatever

J. Abe: probably will be traded for a 3rd or 4th round pick

try to trade JA98 if not able to get goood value then might keep him for another year.

Dahl: probably resign with falcons this year for a good contract extension

C.Houston: will stay at least one more year

Coleman: might get release

Michael K.(punter): probably resign a franchise tag (having a pro bowl year)

Tye Hill: probably be release and wont pick up his last year contract

brian williams wont be back

harry douglas: is another trade talk

Peria Jerry and William Moore are a year behind of experience! (so they will stay)

Free agents:


Running back (preferrable darren spoils) special teams and change of pace back!

Corner or cross training secondary safety to nickel back.

D.E. or DT cuz of the lack of Peria Jerry missing snaps not be ready for the 2010 season

Trade might take place:

for a good cornerback not a probowler type but a Veteran for a one of our (comp drafts picks) which it would probably be a 3rd round picks since we might get two 3rd picks..

Or a pro-bowler D-line player (hint hint Richard Seymour) and second round draft pick for our 1st round pick

1st round pick: will be a D-line player or if no 1st round pick then

if we do get a 2nd rd pick: DE or another outside linebacker

3rd round pick will be a slot Receiver or a H-back type of player whoever is the highest on the board

4th round pick: address the Strong Safety position or corner back

5th round pick: Tightend position might needs to be filled

6th round pick: maybe a kicker or another reciever.

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