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Underestimated the loss of Harry Douglas

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If you look at all the really good teams this year, they all have a #3 wide receiver who was a legitimate threat when you go 3 wide or pushed to be the #2 man.

Colts have Wayne, Gonzalez (when healthy) but Garcon and Collie have stepped up. Saints got Colston, Moore (when healthy) but Meachem and Henderson have stepped up. Vikings have Rice, Berrian, but Harvin has made big plays.

Pittsburgh has Holmes, Ward and now Mike Wallace who's made plays this year. The Giants are doing with all young guys, but Smith, Manningham and Nicks are getting it down. And you can argue that New England hasn't been as dominant because they've lacked that #3 wide receiver. (I know, for them the D is letting them down mostly). Even the Bengals have OchoCinco, Coles and Caldwell, whos' have a couple of touchdown's on the year.

You could even say one of the things that spurred the Cardinals run last year was having Boldin, Fitzgerald and Breaston (who all had 1000 yards last season).

Douglas was gonna be the guy to push Jenkins for the #2 spot and but at least be a big threat, especially on 3rd downs. Remember, at the beginning of the season, we thought this offense was going to be incredible, with the possibility of going 3 wide with White, Jenkins, Douglas and then Gonzalez at TE and either Turner/Norwood on passing down. We were supposed to be one of the most dynamic offensives in the league

But the loss of Douglas might nobody was able to push Jenkins for #2 and Booker/Finneran are decent pieces, but not threats. Not to mention Douglas probably would have returned punts as well.

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Harry definitely made plays for us a season ago, however, he is far from a proven commodity as of yet, so the jury is still out on him.

I agree. Gonzo has caught more balls, more important balls (1st downs, etc) and more TDs.

Weems has been a very good kick and punt returner also great on coverage.

Booker is a waste.

Fin is on his last legs.

Jenkins is off.

Weems should have been #3 all along.

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