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Gameplan of the other opponents: Attack Curtis Lofton


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I want to talk a littlebit about football again.

My concern is the other teams are planning to attack Curtis Lofton. It is a concern, because Lofton does not respond well. The commmentators asked, why the Eagles attacked the middle. They attacked the middle, because of Curtis Lofton. Do not get me wrong. I like him. He is a very good run defender. He is the heart of the run defense. But he is a 2 down linebacker now. There is a other problem. They falcons want to play a cover 2. The corners are built for cover 2. At the moment they cannot run the cover 2. Because you need a front four, which can create pressure. You need also a MLB, who can cover. The MLB is a key position for a cover 2.

The was a dispute beetween Johnson and Lofton. Johnson was angry about Lofton. I think, that it was because of blown coverages again. (like in the Giants game)

The Falcons need a better play from Lofton. He was also responsible for Weaver as he made the long passing play.

P.S. I do not want to start a thread about that. But what was Weems thinking as he lost the ball. He did not even got touched. After this play everybody should know. They did not come to win.....

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