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today watching the game one thing stood out to me... HOW MUCH MATT RYAN MEANS TO OUR OFFENSE AND OUR TEAM. this is the 1st game that i was worried about if we would even be in the game. since matt ryan has came to our team i have felt confident going into every game that we had a chance to not only play well but win. i dont care if matt ryan is white black mexican asian race should not matter.the boy can flat out play the qb position and he is stil YOUNG last year we had the least amount of injury's of any other team in the nfl this year is the exact opposit, you cant do anything about it it's just the nature of the game football is a physical game there is going to be injury's every year taking one to our franchise qb is not ideal but it happens.

so everyone calm down stop making everything about race and take a deep breath winning solve's everthing because i know last year when we had a winning season matt ryan was god. then he gets injured and people are screaming for chris redman is the better qb?? if you really know football and you sit there and put on tape of matt ryan vs chris redman its obvious who the better qb is period. and we all know the awnser is #2

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