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I fear for Mike Smith Job


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I felt like the loss against the Panthers years ago.....A win would give the falcons back to back winning seasons.

and now there is the big question in my opinion. Everybody could see, that the falcons had problems with their coordinators. Torchatell and Knapp...The falcons went with the same coaching staff in the season. At the end Mora was fired.....

I think, that there must be coaching changes........This is a meltdown!

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The team has no depth. It has been a complete rebuild from the ground up. When our key players go down to injury, something that didn't happen last year, we don't have the depth to back it up. It would be different if it were just a few guys, but we have had someone miss time at every key spot this year, some gone for the whole **** year.

Injuries aren't Smith's fault. He is doing the best he can with what he has. TD needs a few more drafts to build the depth needed to be able to survive years like this. Most teams can't go from complete crap, to yearly contenders in two years. It takes, on average, 4 years to get to where you need to be.

Mora lost the team, and it was obvious the team was headed into a terrible direction. This team isn't lost. You can't call for the coaches head after a game like this when half of the first team offense was missing, including your franchise qb.

Now the OC and DC on the other hand. I'm firmly on the fire Mularkey bandwagon right now. BVG I'll give a pass this year since it's hard to turn **** into gold, but the offensive playcalling have been horrible. The offense runs much better when Ryan runs the no huddle and audibles into different plays.

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Mike Smith's job is SAFE....trust me. We got beat today by a very good Phily team, who came in here and took advantage of our weaknesses (i.e. injuries, and weak secondary).

It'll get better though, when all of our guys get back to full strength....granted, that might be next year, but we'll be much better when we have our whole team well again.

And maybe we won't get screwed again with another brutal schedule like we had this year.

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