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Cry if you all want to- bottom line we lost because our Defense cant stop anyone and our offense is terrible without Ryan and Turner etc! People on here are blaming BVG and Mularky- did you ever think that maybe its our players? HMMMMM ? Redman shouldnt be our backup QB!! Laugh if you all want to but we would be better off with SHOCKLEY!! At least SHOCKLEY can run-- ohhhh LIKE VICK? HMM? I am not a Vick lover anymore like I was when he was here but lets tell the truth here-he hasnt lost a step!! We are giving up big plays every game!! We have no decent CB'S or No pass rush! I really do not think we can win another game this year Without Turner or Ryan! Its like our team is doing the same thing with Ryan out that the team did when Vick went out that year with his injury!! The team seems to be giving up!! NO HEART!! Im a huge Falcon Fan and I am tired of the Falcons not having back to back winning seasons!! Im worried that the Falcons wont get the curse over this year! If we get 1 more win I will be surprised-unless Ryan and Turner are back then it will be better!! Redman,Grimes,Houston,C.Jackson,Coleman not the answers!! We need new CB'S AND A BETTER BACK UP THAN REDMAN!!

People stop blaming the coaches and be Honest with yourself-- We all know the Problem!! THE TEAM!!!

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