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Redman Is Definitely the Better Option Over Ryan!


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If I need car insurance, I will definitely go to Redman before Ryan!

I challenge any of you who were happy last week that our offense was going to be handled by Redman today instead of Ryan to post something today saying that Redman is better.

Yes, our defense has been its usually poor performance, but I have yet to see Redman throw a decent pass and really he has only been close to being sacked once.

I wonder if we would have been better forfeiting today's game and letting ourselves get healthier?

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Redman isn't better never said he was, but also it doesn't help that the OC is stuck on the run run pass punt mode which is very predictable

Ideally, his strategy is to run on 1st down and get 3-4 yards, run on 2nd down and get 3-4 yards, and then run on 3rd down and get the 1st down.

But, we have not been getting the good 1st and 2nd down runs, so he is having to treat 3rd down essentially as a meaningless down since he knows a run would not get enough yards for the first and since he knows it will be an incomplete pass. Maybe we should punt on these 3rd downs instead?

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