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I am going to miss the beginning of the game today


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I am working on a project with another guy and it is a tag team effort. He does his part, hands it to me, I do my part, hand it back, and it goes on like that until it is done.

I have been trying to contact him ALL MORNING to see if I could get it back to do my last piece. He finally sends an email JUST NOW stating it was ready to hand back off last night.

I pretty much want to fly up to Panther country and stab his eyes with a pickle fork but it doesn't seem painful enough. Suggestions?

It is sort of TATF, Talk about not seeing the Falcons. I used to have a TV in my office but I never used it and I gave it away. Big mistake in hindsight.

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Falcons over work, women, and air

Not in the real world. There are some things that have to be done when no new data is coming into a system which means it has to be done on a weekend.

It was timed out perfectly if that rude SOB had just let me know. I even called his boss trying to track him down.

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