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The Biggest key to this game is...

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John Abraham. We need him to show up, but the scary thing is I doubt he will. He basically called our secondary out last week, said he is going back on the sack attack( dont know why he left it). So i was pumped thinking Abe was going to have a good game for us. And I have been bashing him lately because he is our all star, when we need something to happen on D we look for Abe. And what does he do????

WHIFF on a sack. It sucks that a guy we absolutely need to show up cant even show up when he is wanting to.

BUT there is some hope because the real star will be Sidbury. Just watch he is going to make us proud.

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Abe most certainly needs to show up. he has been a non factor ever since the miami game really. we need our defense as a whole to step up tho, not just abe.

True the whole D needs to step up, but when Abe plays good this D plays good. If Abe is hetting to the QB and has a sack or 2 the Eagles cant run the deep routes as much as they want, which helps Decoud out because he is a rangy guy and when routes shorten up a guy like Decoud will make plays.

Example Chicago game. We were getting pressure all game on Cutler and while he did have a big game against us we got 2 picks by that rangy guy Decoud. And in a game that the O struggled to put points on the board you could easily look at those 2 picks and say they were the difference in the game.

The 1st pick was a great read by Decoud. The second pick was a result of pressure and the ball coming out earlier then Cutler wanted it to and it sailed.

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You're right" The biggest problem our coverage units have is the lack of pass rush, and what little rush we have been getting has been from everyone else but Abe. I know the problem isn't just him but our D really has to show up big or this season is over. We already lost the head to head against the G-men we can't afford to lose this head to head if we want any chance at the post season...

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