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Let's Get The Attitude Back


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Okay, so I was just watching the 10 min replays they have on Comcast. I went back to the first game vs. the Dolphins. This was just the highlight film, but here's some of what I saw:


- We had Jerry and B. Williams. Both have proven to be huge losses. Williams recovered a fumble caused by Peterson's crushing hit on the ball carrier.

- Speaking of Peterson, he had an INT as well.

- The D line caused another fumble, which ATL recovered.

- I actually saw Chris Houston come up to the line of scrimmage and engage the WR right off the line. Why in the world he doesn't do this more is beyond me, at least in obvious passing situations. That's all it takes to disrupt the route.


- Norwood caught 2 passes coming out of the backfield, both for good gains.

- They also ran the shuttle pass play to Jerious; same one Redman ran for the TD last week. Great play!

- At the goal line, they ran a stunt and hit Ovie with a pass for the TD.

- Where has all the Offensive creativity gone??????????


- Lastly, and sadly - Elam missed an XP and a FGA. This with Schneck snapping. I had thought that after Schneck was IR'd, maybe bringing in another LS before cutting Elam might fix things, but evidently, it's not the snap or the hold that was the problem.

I really wish the team would watch this game again. Even the 10 min. highlight reel. It got me excited watching it, and it was obvious that the team on both sides of the ball played with more enthusiasm and more swagger. Football, like most sports, is as much a mental attitude as it is physical ability. I don't know what happened after 4-1, but injuries aside, if the team can get some of this "kick butt and take names" attitude back, it will make a huge difference.

Here's hoping the Eagles are the first victims of the re-found killer instinct!

:angry: Get mad....get even!

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