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Falcons will rally round Redman Sunday

Bring It

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This team knows what it's up against Sunday.

They know the odds are against them..........along with the football world who all must be RIGHT in their predictions.

They know the strength of their opponent and how well they are coached.

BUT...........they also remember being kicked around every time they play in Philly.

They have pride...........in themselves. their coaches, and Atlanta.

They know they can win.........but only as a team, and win they will do.


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Chris is steady, has good accuracy, protects the ball, and knows his limits. No flash, no gunslinging, no scrambling, but I am confident he will bring his best. Couple that with the coaching that will emphasize his strengths, and we got a shot.

The other side hasn't been perfect either, and it's a home game. We got a shot. I ain't throwing in the towel until the game is over. Last week, against a suddenly pretty good defense, it went down to the wire. Falcon faithfuls will hang in there again this week.

Let me know if anyone needs some jumper cables to restart their hearts!

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Last week the shock of Ryan going down..........first time EVER..........and Redman coming in COLD was a huge disadvantage.

MUCH different this week.

Everyone is on the same page, time to prepare, no travel........Redman will spend extra time Sat. with coaches and receivers I'm sure.

All this will make a difference getting the entire team ready.

And ready they will be at 1 PM Sunday.

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