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What many of you are forgetting...

We lost to the Giants (by a coin flip or fieldgoal) and Dallas ... both coming off byes. And away.

We played New Orleans better than just about anyone ... at their dome ... again fieldgoals and turnovers an issue.

We are a victim of an atrocious schedule, injuries, and some poor play from Ryan and Elam during winnable games.

It looked like Turner and Ryan found their mojo when this injury bug hit ... so it is really difficult to tell how good we really are.

(homerism off)

None of that matters now.

Redmen and Snelling are capable ... really more concerned about our offensive line than anything else.

But the Eagles are soft in the middle ... and hopefully Mularkey can use that to play to our strengths with Norwood, Snelling, and Gonzalez on dinks and dunks.

Bottomline ... let's just win this one. We control our own destiny.

The season begins this Sunday.

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Actually, as far as the playoffs are concerned, it pretty much begins or ends this Sunday. Win and you have a tiebreaker over the iggles, lose and you don't have a tiebreaker over anybody and probably all that's left to play for is a winning record and breaking the curse.

It really gets to me to think that even if you ignore losses to NO and Dallas that we were just a play or two away (or a missed field goal) from being 8-3 right now. but that's just football. I think when healthy we are a better team than the Giants or the Panties but those two close losses killed us.

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The Carolina loss hurt us so bad because it was so winable & could be the difference between 10-6 & 9-7. One gets you in the playoffs the other gets you on the golf course faster. At the begining of the year i added up wins & losses in my head & i left for the possibility of us losing to Philly, but i had us sweeping TB & Car. I do believe we can beat Philly but they have to have the mentality that the Playoffs started last Sunday. we could stand 1 loss but it can't be to Philly because then we lose all tie breaker scenarios except GB who we still trail record wise.If we have to lose one more game i would rather it be the Jets (only because the GB tie breaker) but i need us to focus on running the table NCAA tournament style (get on a roll & ride it to the Championship game). With that said Go Falcons!

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