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Atlanta Falcons X factors


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We all know what most of our guys are capable of. But there are certain guys who have little to no impact some games and show up big in others.

On offense...

Brian Finneran: Samuel will cover Roddy. Gonzo will probably be bracketed. With Jenkins bum ankle, I expect to see Redman look Finn's way quite a bit. If we take what the defense gives us then Finn ought to have at least 6 receptions. He is a Philly guy so this game should have special meaning for him.

Jerious Norwood: I put the success of the run game on more than the rb. But like I outlined above, I expect to see plenty of check downs in the passing game. Norwood should get 4 or 5 receptions and if he can make a couple guys miss anything is possible.

Will Svitek: The guy is a beast of a run blocker. We know he is not polished as a pass protector, but if he can open some big holes for our rbs then it will help our offense tremendously.

On defense...

Chris Owens: We need his speed. He can run guys down to prevent small plays from becoming big gains. He also is capable of creating turnovers and if he can pop a ball out or get an int it will be huge.

Biermann & Abe: Sorry that Abe has made this list. He has been the type of player who you expected to play big every week. Well this week we need it more than ever because McNabb is deadly when he is comfortable. Biermann has flashed and hopefully he has one of his best games.

So how can we beat the Eagles? In my mind it hinges on the guys listed above, guys who have the potential but have not excelled this year. Of course we'll need big contributions from our QB, Roddy, Ovie, Gonzo... but IMO the guys above are the X factors. You could probably throw Johnson and Lewis in there at DT too, but they are more lunch pale players than game changers.

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I'm going to add Jenkins to that list. No tip balls for easy INTs...

I agree. Both Jenkins and Weems need to GET OPEN and play well in order for us to come away with a "W" on Sunday. Of course, the O-line will need to play much better to ensure this happens.

On defense, we must get CONSISTENT pressure on McNabb in the passing game and our CBs (namely Houston) have to avoid giving up too many big plays.

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