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Imagine if we had a cb like Darrelle Revis

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A guy like Revis would be great on this team, but we chose Anderson in that draft and it was too early to go CB that year i think? But i also think Owens will end up being a huge suprise for us the rest of this season, and for the future, if onyl Houston could turn his head, we would have a pretty good CB tandem for the future.

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Ummm yes revis really is a shutdown corner. our defense would be so much better with a guy of his caliber. I think its safe to say the CBs we have are consistently mediocre to say the best. And yes I know I am talking cr@p and complaining out our own players, but I think I have a right to do so. They have consistently shown how they match up against halfway decent opponents.... which is they dont match up. Our secondary gives up more 20+ yard plays than any other defense in the entire league. The one good game they have had was against the dolphins in the first game of the season, and I think ted ginn dropped a few balls that could have kept the dolphins in it. I have no problem with the LB core, they seem to have stepped it up a notch. The pass rush could be a little better, but abraham still has something in him i think, and biermann has shown he has talent. heck, even babineaux has stepped up big time this year, hes filled in pretty nicely in a larger role since peria jerry has been gone. I think falcons fans have a right to be dissatisfied with the cornerbacks that we currently have, with the exception of maybe chevis jackson (but thats just based on last weeks game) and possibly chris owens (i need to see him play more). Chris houston is not who we thought he would be, same with brent grimes. Grimes did have that one awesome INT against brees, but not much else. Brian Williams was good for us when he was healthy, but that still leaves a question mark for who the second CB would be. I think a vet like McKenzie or McAllister, both of whom the saints picked up, would have faired better in that second CB spot this year, at least in the short term.

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