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How do we fix our team?


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Now we still have a shot at making the playoffs, and i hope we do. But there is no way we can get past the first or second round unless Chris Houston and whoever starts the most at LCB start playing lights out and shutting people down.Since that is probably not gonna happen who do we get in the offseason? I vote getting Javier Arenas CB for Bama, notonly has he been taught by the best secondary coach in the world (Saban) but he is a scary return man that would be a great 2 for 1 pick for us and HD can solely play reciever next year.I think CB is the biggest area of need for us. stinks we wasted 1 maybe 2 picks on that position last year. i reallyhope Owens turns into asolid player tho

2 things, i said Saban was the best SECONDARY coach in the world, not best coach overall and i posted this in TATF because i actually want other people's opinion. so tell me what you think! or if there is a better solution out there

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