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Magic Number 3

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His City?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I think I read that somewhere. Some Troll talking isht.

I was hoping he(Vick) at least logged onto here every once in a while and saw that little

topic description. Ahhh oh well, it's all in jest.

<i>throw a few touchdowns we love ya!!! killa few dogs kickem outta town.</i>

I liked Mike Vick... he was never goin to take this team to a Super Bowl

victory no matter what happened. He made a big big BIG!!! mistake.

I thought he would have made a good back(reciever,runner) to work out of a wildcat or

the option.

Oh well, we got OUR quarterback now. He aint goin' nowhere.


Playoff number 4.....?!?

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