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Clemum082.. another question.


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UGA hit Carver hard today. They sent up to 5 coaches and they were there for a while today. They are really after Corey Crawford. They also offered David Beasley today. I believe both players are Clemson commits. David Beasley has a lot of uga interest. He is now coming up the weekend of the our GALA in 2 weeks. Here is the update on David. He will most likely stay a clemson commit, but just wondering if you have heard anything else about this.

Here is the update:

The news Beasley received from Searels was something unexpected. He thought UGA was done on the OL so he was surprised by the news, but in a good way.

"I was not even thinking about getting an offer from Georgia," admitted one of the strongest offensive linemen in Georgia. "I knew I had showed out at their camp in the summer and that they liked me then, but I did not know they were still interested in me."

"I have always been a Georgia fan, so the news was good news."

The news may have been good, but it could cause some confusion.

Beasley committed to Clemson over the summer, but Georgia being close to home and a childhood favorite of his has put the Dawgs back into the mix.

"I am definitely going to look at Georgia now. I am going up there to visit them officially on December 11 so I want to see what it is like."

"I have been there for camp and I was there when they played Auburn, so I have a feel for Georgia, but I want to talk more with the coaches. I like Athens, I like the atmosphere there, and I like the coaches, so we will see what happens."

The commitment to Clemson still stands for the Columbus (GA) Carver native, but he did say that UGA has peaked his interest with the offer.

"I do love it up at Clemson and I am staying committed to them right now, but I have to take a look at Georgia."

"They are the home state school, they have a lot of tradition, and I have always liked them since I was little."

When asked about the possibility of him changing his mind, Beasley said, "we will just have to see."

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Probably AJ Harmon part 2

Fortunately the Carver guys are committed to Harbison, not Pearman or the Scotts.

Beasley seems to have a mean streak, which is what the O-line badly needs, but then again with Brad Scott coaching them, you could give him an NFL O-line and they would still probably suck.

Perfect time to go after them. No way Clemson can send 5 coaches down there right now, and hopefully someone tries to remind them why they can't.

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