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My Disturbing Stat of the Day


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It has nothing to do with the Boone Stutz curse.

And everything to do with the Boone Stutz curse.

Peyton, how about clarification on the difference. If we went from 7.9 yards per pass to 8.1 yards per pass, that could be understandable. Plus, we did loose Williams.

I'll list them all in order. Give me a minute.

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Here's my disturbing stat of the day: Yards per completion!

Game 1 vs. Dolphins: Pennington 8.38

Game 2 vs. Panthers: Delhomme 12.32

Game 3 vs. Patriots: Brady 11.08

Game 4 vs. 49ers: Hill 13.20

Game 5 vs. Bears: Cutler 11.11

Game 6 vs. Cowboys: Romo 14.80

Game 7 vs. Saints: Brees 12.32

Game 8 vs. Redskins: Campbell/Collins 10.95

Game 9 vs. Panthers: Delhomme 13.00

Game 10 vs. Giants: Manning 15.36

Game 11 vs. Bucs: Freeman/Johnson 12.50

According to teamrankings.com only 12 out of the 32 teams average over 11 yards per completion. Nine of our 11 opponents topped that when they played us and the Redskins came pretty close. None of the 32 teams average more than 12.9 yards per completion. Against us, four teams had 13+ ypc, with the Cowboys and Giants going 14.80 and 15.36 respectively. Just shows that we give up way too many yards per completion and how bad our tackling is. It also might be a sign that we're letting too many receivers get behind our defense and catch the deep ball.

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In the first 5 games, the Atlanta defense didn't allow a single QB to average 8 yards per attempt.

In the last 6 games, every QB the Atlanta defense has faced has averaged at least 8 yards per attempt.

Disturbing trend.

Teams get film on ya, then figure you out... then there's Freeman that only had his god given talents? :)

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Guest The Masked Falcon

My distrubing stat of the day:

Jason Campbell has more yards, a higher completion percentage and higher passer's rating than matt Ryan this season

Yeah, we get it. You hate Matt Ryan.

You're about as subtle as a turd in a punch bowl........and about as welcome.

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