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Falcons might be to beat the odds time for optimism


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Water under that bridge what are the progs. on W's the rest of the way? 5 games remain will the Falcons beat the monkey? That's all that is left for this team now considering all the injuries to key personnel. No management plan is ever ready for this kind of avalanche of injuries. The coaching staff is really a more serious problem I think.

The OC is suspect based upon his resume' and never having a winning season anywhere. The on-field decision making is somewhat suspect too. But, that will improve with time and experience. The play-calling, however, is an art that requires intuition and feel, which, it appears the present OC doesn't possess.

Nothing can be done to make any real improvement when there is really nothing to do so with. Perseverance and never-say-die attitude can go along way to salvaging what is, perhaps, a disappoitning season on all-fronts and from within all aspects.

It makes no real sense to try to place blame on anyone or on anywhere ( I am guilty here) that arguement is best served before a season starts, I believe. Afterwards, it maybe best to keep things tight as one can. The only real improvement that I can foresee comes from the Coaching Staff itself and must if this team is to reach the magic number 9.

I for one think it is a reach to expect a play-off berth but it would be nice if it came. But, truely believe that the winning season is the hoped making then this season another miracle. Even in the face of such a disasterous turn of events--injuries are no excuse however.

Many teams are experiencing this same event too.

Some teams are more fortunate than the Falcons having a monsterous schedule and still the Falcons competed even having opportunity to wins some of those close games.

No Falcons need to get ready to play whatever the situ and try to win as many games as they can hopefully we will see the magic number of 9 wins.

BUCs on their field maybe, Bills and/or Jets ?, not Eagles or NO(after the Pats game unstoppable)

Do the Colts and Saints go undefeated and meet in the SB...?

What to do for next year, and if, we do the same as this year, what then?

Tough win. It is a win. I'll take it anytime.

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I agree with you on alot of points. However, I don't think that NO beating New England

in the Superdome on another Monday Night where the refs aren't calling penalties

automatically qualifies them as "unstoppable". Did you notice? Out of all the games the Saints played this

year, the only really tough game was Atlanta. I think when they go undefeated and win the super

bowl this year, then we'll be able to say they are unstoppable. Remember, they still gotta come here

and play. Things might not be as bad as they seem. Redman looked good the other day. To come off

the bench not starting in 2 years he did a great job. The problem is not our offense. WE ALL KNOW WHAT

THE PROBLEMS ARE. The question is can we fix them in time?

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