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77 Grits Blitz Defense

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I bring up the 77 Falcons defense when discussions of "best defense of all time" arise. More times than not, people go right after it and dismiss it because they are ignorant. It is becoming a trap for the stupid.

Maybe I'm stupid for arguing with a Bears fan (well, I definitely am) but this conversation arose a while ago on youtube. My point: 85 Bears team is better than the 77 Falcons team, but not defensively. Their point: 100% homerism.

I've had fun pulling out stat upon stat to back up my claims, while being reminded of things like the Super Bowl Shuffle and 14-game schedule vs. 16 game schedule.

I thought I'd throw out the numbers I found just FYI:

You haven't provided anything on your side of the argument. Let's compare, shall we?

77F = 77 Falcons

85B = 85 Bears

Points Allowed:

77F - 129 (9.2p/g)

85B - 198 (12.4p/g)

Advantage Falcons


77F - +23 (1.6p/g)

85B - +23 (1.4p/g)

Advantage Falcons


77F - 40 (2.857p/g)

85B - 43 (2.688p/g)

Advantage Falcons


77F - 26 (1.857p/g)

85B - 34 (2.125p/g)

Advantage Bears

Passing Allowed:

77F - 1383Y (98.8p/g) 9TD

85B - 3299Y (206.19p/g) 16TD

Advantage Falcons

Rushing Allowed:

77F - 1858Y (132.71p/g) 5TD

85B - 1319Y (82.43p/g) 6TD

Advantage Bears

Out of 6 major defensive categories, the Bears have 2 while the Falcons got 4.

Now look at the offenses:

77F - 179 Points (12.8p/g)

85B - 456 Points (28.5p/g)


77F - 1740Y 8TD 16INT

85B - 3303 17TD 16INT


77F - 1890Y 9TD

85B - 2761Y 27TD

Since the 85 Bears' offense was unquestionably better than the 2nd to last in the league's 77 Falcons' offense, this just puts more emphasis on how good the Falcons' defense was since they were on the field more, playing from behind more, and playing in losing efforts more.

That's the truth. But let's dismiss them as "not even in the discussion" when no team in history has beaten their points per game allowed record that you vehemently want dropped from the discussion because it is the single-most telling stat of them all.

Yeah, it is a bit nerdy I suppose. However, when one side is clearly beaten and won't let it go (the guy writes me almost everyday with inane bs) then kicking the horse with cross-eyes and the tongue hanging out isn't so bad. :)

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