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i guess brady needs to be benched for hoyer because he turns over the ball

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brady made too many mistakes tonight he should be benched! bring in the backup! as for the falcons lets just crown sir redman the starter and cloak him in the HOF jacket from canton. In fact we should take REDMANS helmet and place it in Canton to symbolize his greatness as the falcons starter for years to come.

before you flame me this is a joke i just get sick and tired of how immediately after the game there were some who thought redman is the answer to the falcons passing game struggles.. Some people would rathering play QB carasal(sp) all year then give our franchise player legitamate time to develop his craft..

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its just ridiculous how if ryan makes one mistake people clamor fo his head on a platter and for Mike Smith to resign its just crazy... sorry im just venting... i think if we had joe montana in his prime some people in our fanbase would still not be satified..

I know what your saying but the people that are complaining are not fans of this team.

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