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They said it tonite on the game that NO had a lot of their starters out in the secondary, but still played good

with what they had and the reason is b/c they are coached good. I'm starting to think that's our problem. At first

I said it was both, but it just might be A. Reynolds and ET. It sure would be nice to have Jerry Gray from the

Skins next yr. when they fire Zorn and clean house. They said he took the memphis job at first but now it's the

guy from LSU. But for real we are missing that one corner and a good coach. I think we have good safeties and I

can live with Houston. But we gotta get somebody on the other side of Houston. I believe it will be Owens. If not

Houston/Owens then FA/Owens. But in the end it might just be the coaching.

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