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I trust in Chris Redman!


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Nothing against Ryan, but Redman was the back up QB. That means he's playing with something to prove and nothing to lose. Best case scenario - we win the Superbowl. Worst case, he goes back to sitting on the bench. Not a big deal.

Plus, Redman has less pressure because he's the back up - so if he does bad, well, what did you expect?

Finally, I actually think Redman is a good QB. Whenever he played after Vick left, he was something I could watch. Harrington was abysmal but Redman brought some life to the team. I think we have as good as a chance of making it to the playoffs with Redman as with Ryan - though with Turner out, that makes it harder. The only reason I think we use Ryan so much is because he's the future - so he needs all the game time experience possible.

Jeff Garcia got the Eagles to the playoffs when McNabb was out so Redman can easily do the same.

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