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Bucs punter tears hamstring


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PewterReport.com is reporting that Bucs punter Dirk Johnson tore his left hamstring in Tampa Bay's 20-17 loss at Atlanta on Sunday. The injury to his plant leg happened in the fourth quarter while he was attempting to throw a pass on a fake punt attempt.

"When I was running and tried to plant, it popped," Johnson said, confirming that the hamstring in his non-kicking leg was torn.

Johnson said he has not heard from the team if they plan on giving him time to rest or if he will be placed on injured reserve.

"I don't know yet," Johnson said. "They haven't figured that out yet. ... I'm going to get an MRI and we'll see and we'll take it from there. We'll see what that shows and obviously that will give us a starting point.

"If I can't perform, I'm just like anybody else. If you can't do it, you can't do it."

Johnson said he has never torn a hamstring before and didn't know how quickly it would heal.

In the fourth quarter, Bucs kicker Connor Barth had to fill in for Johnson and got off a 46-yard punt out of Tampa Bay's end zone.

"He did a good job for being in that situation backed up - he got off a good punt," Johnson said. "He did a really good job and the rest of the guys did a good job covering. It was good for him to come in quick like that without much notice and not much practice at it."

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Dont wish bad things for other guys , but that guy was terrible anyways! HOW MANY GUYS HAVE THE BUCS PUT ON IR? like half the team. I know their trainer will be out of a job. Seems like they have had a ton of season ending injuries! Morris seems like a coach, who is in way over his head... but I dont want to Jinx us . We are not out of our hole we have dug ourselves into yet.

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