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Our Playcalling

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I was watching the game yesterday and I saw that we ran the same plays over and over and over... That's our offensive playcalling.

Run plays: We only have five plays, a and a lot of times we run these plays with heavy formations, so the defense is expecting the run.

Run up the middle: No problem with that, typical play.

Run up the middle fake reverse: The same play but confusing the defense doing a wr reverse, we never do the reverse (well , yesterday weems did but...) so the defense never is confused.

FB Dive: We use this on short downs, usually putting snelling at the fullback position.

FB dive fake HB toss: The same play as the fullback dive but tossing the ball to the HB, we use that formation with norwood at the HB position and on shorts downs.

Bunch formation toss play: The famous bunch formation and we toss the ball to that side of the formation, usually it works for a 2, 3 yards gain.

Pass plays: We use some formations and different personnel but the routes are always the same.

I formation, 2 TE sets: With these formation we run usually three routes, one wr runs 10yds outside, the other runs and inside pattern (usually a slant) and tony g works the middle of the field, always a short-medium route.

There is avariation of that when we have the two receivers on the same side, they run two inside routes and tony g, who is on the oustide opposite of the wr's, run and outside route, always going short.

Spread formation: When we run the no-huddle offense, we put 5wrs and we ONLY throw the ball to roddy on the outside, we runs a curl of 7-9yds. The other receivers are running their routes but there is no time to develop because we always throw the same pass.

Shotgun 3wr 2hb or 4wr 1hb: We use this formation on third and long, and usually one of the wr is tony g. The roues are simple, tony g does a curl for 8,10yds on the middle of the field, roddy runs an inside post or inside cross of 15 yds, jenkins runs inside, similar to roddy on the other side of the field, and the slot receiver runs to the flat. If we play with 1hb usually stays blocking, if we play 2hbs, one is blocking and the other goes to the middle of the field, to the mlb starting position.

Play-action: Really disgusting the use of the play-action. We run the same two plays over and over... As you should know we use the famous rollout, usually to the right, and we have two formations to run it. The first is with two wr and two te, the other is with one wr, 2 te an two hb. In the first formation, the wr who is on the side of the rollout runs a comeback route, the other wr runs a cross route, and the te oppsite of the rollout runs a short crossing route, usually is peele who runs this route. With the other formation is so obvius that wen are running the rollout because roddy is put in motion and we he is near the te we snap the ball and roddy runs a short crossing route and one of the te runs a similar route.

The other play-action play is similar to the rollout, but with the qb staying in the pocket. One wr runs and inside post, tony g runs to the outside and one wr runs deep, yes we run a wr deep, the problem is we never throw to him.

No typical playcalling: When we are down big or Mularkey wants.

I don't know why, but sometimes our playbook is full plays, usually are shown when we are down big on the scoreboard or Mularkey wants.

For example, the game against the giants, on the last drive, mularkey put a shotgun and rollouted :P ryan to the left, he threw to roddy for 28 yd gain.

Against San Francisco, roddy first td pass was after a play-action play, where roddy was running an inside deep post of 25-30yds.

Really I don't know when we use this playcalling but when we use it, it works, so my final petition is:


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On of the most amazing things I see is how the Falcons will call a running play for #33 right after he makes a long run including at times breaking tackles. The frequency is 75% or better and this is crazy considering he must be at least slightly winded. Further, he almost always gets little or nothing on the next play after this--they know he's coming!

Second, whenever Norwood is brought into the game, about 90% of the time a play is called for him and he gets stuffed at the line--they know he's coming!

Yes, as has been pointed out by so many, the Falcons' offense is extremely predictable and this is why nearly every pass is closely contested, we almost never get a wide open receiver, and our interception rate is up as the QB is having to force the ball into tight coverages to have a chance on third and longs.

This is also why it took us, what, seven pass plays inside the 10 yard line to score the winning TB yesterday and with every pass closely contested? Even the final one White had the defender all over him!

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Yes, I don't know why they put turner after a big play. For example, against the bucs he reinjured his ankle after running for 18yds on the previous play.

And when we put noorwood on the field, everyone is expecting him, we need to mix it up a little and try to run some screens, toss plays (not with the bunch formation), put him as a wr... The shovel pass to noorwood was a nice designed play.

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I was wondering why we threw the ball 4x's when we had 1st and goal on the 5yd line.

The only logical answer for me is that we had no timeouts left and a run, if it's not td, would have killed a lot of time clock, but anyways, we should at least try to run it one time, a draw with a spread formation or something like, but with mularkey you never know the reasons of the playcalling.

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