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I Predict Falcons-Eagles Goes National This Week


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Oh good - we get Aikman and Buck - we will probably hear about how great Dallas was against us this year and how much better the NFC East is than the rest of the NFL?

Looks like we're getting Albert/Moose/Goose instead. Buck/Aikman are doing Cowboys/Giants....

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I think CBS gets the double header next week, most likely the Cowboys - Giants game at 4 will be the national game on FOX with Aikman and Buck.

Nope, it looks like Fox has it again this week (sometimes they do back-to-back weeks). They will play Cowboys-Giants at 4 pm along with one other game they have potentially at 4 pm. But our game is one of five games that they will play at the 1 pm slot.

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I just saw an ad for the games Fox will run next week at the 1 pm Eastern slot:






If our game isn't the default game around the country then something is messed up.

I have no doubt it will be national with Vick returning to his old stomping grounds. You know the networks going to play that up.

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