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Do we have any pro bowl players?


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True but alot of the players better than him are either in the AFC or don't return both punts and kicks.

Not saying he'll win it, but if he breaks one for a touchdown he'll be right there...

it would be crazy going from practice squad player to pro bowler. and to think if douglas did not go down we would never have seen this guy in action

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I gotta disagree on the subject of Koenen.. the kid has a boot nobody can deny that, however he doesn't get to punt enough to be able to register him a ProBowl.

And plus I don't want some STUPID O-Coordinator from New Orleans running a fake punt with Koenen so our great young punter gets hurt.. like that team did with Moorman a couple years back and he got murdered by Sean Taylor..

Lofton, Babineaux, and Gonzalez all putting up huge numbers this year and should be invited to Honolulu for sure no doubt about it as long as they continue their great seasons.

If Roddy White can get going with some BIG games these next couple weeks I would definitly consider him for discussion.

Also if Tony Romo has his typical December, Matt Ryan could be entering the discussion in joining up with Mr. White in those BIG games.

Not anyone else really stands out in my mind this point in the season.

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