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Three problems

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There are actually three problems with this team right now.

1. Our defense is way too slack. The entire defensive scheme must be changed. We get no pash rush, out LB's are out of position too often and our secondary is about the worst. BVG never blitzes and when he does it is obvious and easily picked up. Maybe the zones are all wrong because I dont see how you can drop seven and still not cover 3 receivers. It looked like a few times today we had 3 players not covering anyone at all. Every week the commentary is we are not aggressive enough. BVG defense is too predictable.

2. Our receievers run too many stop routes. We seemingly are always standing still when we catch the ball or running parallel to the line. Thats of course when we are not dropping passes. *(Nice catch by Roddy to win the game today though!)* Opposing teams seem to be in full stride when they catch the ball. And what happened to the mean streak of the Oline?

3. Kicking game, IE, Elam. Not sure what the problem is but he just does not have it this year. I say give Brandon Coutu (Not sure of the spelling)a shot. He tried out last week and couldnt do any worse.

I now blame Mike Smith for these problems. He needs to kick his coaches in the rear or cut them loose.

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I would agree with you that we have problems, but I would have to disagree about what are the most serious. If someone really cared what I thought here are the major problems with our team right now and my justification for each (these are in order).

#1 - Offensive line. Right now our pass blocking is plain bad. It has been all year and does not look like it will get better. The right side of our O-line gets man handled most pass plays and even in running plays the RT, RG and Center are not getting to the second level and/or really moving people. Most of our big runs have come from cut backs, which true some runs are designed that way, but more than naught there is no hole and the RB has to cut back. This has to be the number 1 priority in the offseason. The reason I picked this as number one is because if we had a line that was capable of dominating the line of scrimage we could keep our defense off the field. You can't score points if you don't have the ball. This year our third down percent is not that good and does anyone think that with the talent we have at the skilled positions we would not control the clock and put up a lot more points on the board. We have the talent to score 35 each game at the skill positions but we dont because our QB is getting rushed every play and our RB has to improvise every run play.

#2 - Defensive line. We knew this was going to be a problem this year. Teams are taking Abe out of the equation because they know what he can and is going to do. Once he is gone the only other threat we have is Babs, and he is a bonifable stud. Hopefully Jerry comes back strong and we can get at least one DE in the draft or FA. We have some talent, buts lets see if they can mature and become good solid everydown players.

#3 - Secondary. It's a well established fact that if you have a good pass rush a very average secondary can look very good. Well, we don't have an average secondary. DeCoud has come around and is playing okay. He is young and there is every reason to believe that he will continue to improve. One game is not enough to tell about Owens. Let's see by the end of the year because I think he will be getting a lot of playing time, but it usually takes about 3 years for corners to get to the top of their games. It's a pretty skilled position. After that there is not much. Houston, if he would learn to be more aware might be a decent #2 but that's it. Grimes is horrible and Hill is as well. The most disturbing thing is that our corners cannot cover man to man for even three seconds and that is terrible. Even with a monster pass rush you have to be able to cover for at least 2 - 3 seconds. We can't even do that.

#4 - Kicker. Making 30 - 45 yard field goals is pretty manditory for a FG kicker. It would even be nice to have one that we were comfortable with a 51 or 52 yarder. Anything over 30 yards (which means the ball has to be on the 13 yard line) makes me worry.

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