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Both Brent Celek and Desean Jackson injured


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DeSean Jackson suffers concussion in victory

Eagles coach Andy Reid confirmed that DeSean Jackson suffered a concussion in Sunday's win over the Eagles.

Jackson took a helmet-to-helmet hit over the middle from London Fletcher and was dazed. Jackson was a little woozy, but it did not look too serious and he never lost consciousness. The Eagles have already been accused of bringing Brian Westbrook back from his first concussion too soon, so you know they'll be careful with D-Jax. His status for Week 13 is in doubt. Nov. 29 - 5:17 pm et

Eagles' Celek suffers torn ligaments in hand

Brent Celek revealed after Sunday's game that he played through torn ligaments in his hand.

This helps explain Celek's multiple drops against the Redskins. He would've had a big fantasy day had he not let at least three catchable passes sail through his hands. Celek finished with just 33 yards on four catches. He also has a sprained thumb, and may have to miss some practice time next week. Nov. 29 - 7:06 pm et

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How bad are the injuries to Celek and Jackson? Our DBs might have to play their best game of the season with Philly's young, speedy receivers coming into town next week. YOU CAN BET McNabb will be AIRING IT OUT all game, so our DBs had better get ready!

I was REALLY hoping we would sit Turner for this game (TB) in attempt to avoid re-injury before the Philly game. We'll REALLY need him this week and now we have a "question mark" to deal with in our backfield, as it relates to him, going into what can be argued as a "playoff" game. <_<

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