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Gonzalez was HUGE

F@lcon Jack

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I like Gonzalez (Great game today too), but I fear that he is becoming a crutch to our offense. Our WRs just are not as involved as much as they should be..... especially Roddy.

We won't get another Gonzalez and he won't be here for 5+ years. I just don't want Ryan and all our QBs to get so used to him that they can't live without him.

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He was pumped up before the game. Fox had him on "Sounds of the Game" around 12:45, and he was getting loose and saying, "Got the throwbacks on ... back at home ... it's gonna be a GOOD day."

I understand the debates about using him as a crutch, about how he's not going to be around forever, about how we're forcing it to him.

But, d*mn he's fun to watch!!!!!!!!!

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Hick'ry Stick, no brainer IMO. This win was all Gonzo.

9 receptions for 83 yards. He moved the chains practically at will and made Redman look pretty good :lol:

no offence, but who threw those passes? a qb who hasn't played a single snap all year. while our #1 rb was out, we decided to quit running our biggest producer, norwood, and redman never even works out with our #1s

plus he completed passes to others

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