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This team has no passion

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You can't seriously be judging someones passion for winning just because your team is losing , can you ? I'm sure there are people on the team with more passion than you , try writing each player a letter and see who writes back , then come back here and tell everyone no one on the team cares about fans either .

dude are u serious. Don't come at me like that I've played football. I know what passion is. This team is showin no passion. And I'm not sayin it because they are losing. U can see it. There is no sense of urgency not even from the coaches. There is no RAY LEWIS type fired up player on or off the field

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Going for it on 4th and making it, so un-passionate.

lol one play. Makes up for the whole day. U guys are twkin what I'm sayin for off subject. What I'm sayin is they are not SHOWING any passion on the field. Where are the players who are fired up about a good play. Where is the "leader" coming to the oline tellin them to step up and make a play. Same with the dbs

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