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if we can trade out of rd 1 for 2 second rd picks that is the way to go.

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This draft is very deep in DE's.......probably the deepest DE draft I have seen.

I think that moving down into the second round would be a great idea. KC has two picks (one is our second rounder for Gonzalez). Maybe Pioli will see a good OT drop and feel the need to protect Cassell.

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I don't like generalisations like these (saying we should do it regardless).

If one or more of:

Joe Haden

Derrick Morgan

Anthony Davis

are on the board when our pick rolls around and none of them are going to be there at our 1st second rounder, we should pick them.

If they are all gone but:

Everson Griffen

Brandon Graham

Bryan Bulaga

project to be there at 36/37 then yes we should do the trade. However I think rather than getting two second round picks we should be asking for a second this year and a 1st in 2011. We don't need massive amounts of depth - we need QUALITY at 3-4 starting positions (CB, LDE, RT, WR?) - our depth is actually ok in most departments thanks to previous good drafts.

Not sure we are going to be looking at top-flight starter with a pick around 55 - and we are there will be either injury or character concerns (see William Moore for an example of an injury concern).

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If Derrick Morgan or Anthony Davis are available, I think we will grab one of them.

If neither are there, I think we trade out and grab both a DE and OT in the 2nd.

I a leaning more and more towards getting Everson Griffen/Pierre-Paul in the 2nd along with Jason Fox in the 2nd. After watching Michael Oher and his quick feet I really want a OT with Quick feet to stop those Edge Rusher and Jason Fox would be a great pick up in the 2nd round. In order to do this it would requres some majore moving

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