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Dogs savor win over Tech.


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By Ken Sugiura

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A year later, revenge is sweet for Georgia.

Bulldog players exulted in their upset of Georgia Tech at Bobby Dodd Stadium, which was packed with fans eager to see the Jackets win their second in a row over their rivals from Athens.

"It takes all the bitterness out of the season, takes it away," said wide receiver Michael Moore, who scored Georgia's second touchdown of the game on a 13-yard pass from Joe Cox. "We've had our ups and downs, even last week we had a real tough loss. But to come in here against our in-state rival, a top-10 team, they might even be the ACC champions … to be able to come into their house and steal this victory from them, it feels real great."

From the offseason forward, the Bulldogs didn't have to go far to be reminded of their 45-42 loss to Georgia Tech last November in Athens. All they had to do was go to the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, Bulldog headquarters. Football staff members had put up posters of Tech players tearing off pieces of the famed Sanford Stadium hedges to celebrate their first win over Georgia after seven consecutive losses. In the weight room, the words "Beat Tech" are printed on the floor. A clock counted down the time to the Tech game. Coaches occasionally reminded players of the 45-42 score.

"Just little things like that," Moore said.

Not that it was necessary.

"That's something ingrained in our minds. The coaches don't have to say anything as far as us being pumped for Tech," linebacker Rennie Curran said. "That's something that's automatic. The hate's there."

Late Saturday night, so was the joy.

"There's no way to put it into words," Curran said. "We put in so many hours, the coaches have been put under a lot of pressure and have continued to fight hard. We heard it from everywhere – nobody believed that we could get this win. It makes it that much more satisfying when you fight hard and make it against the odds."

Curran, the heart of the defense that Tech shredded for 409 rushing yards last season, turned aside a question that Saturday may have been his last Georgia-Georgia Tech game, as he is considering a jump to the NFL. He was just enjoying seeing smiles on the faces of teammates and fans, he said.

"I'm just remembering how our defense played, how nobody believed in us, how we came in here and stopped that triple option," he said. "And how quiet their fans where. That's what I'm going to remember – how quiet they were."

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