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End of an era for UGA..


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I think this marks the end of an era for CMR and UGA- but not in a bad way. We (really he) has gone through a whole cycle of good and bad. We all know it started to fall apart a little bit in 2005 after CVG left and it was accenuated by the departures of Callaway and MAYBE by the ascent of Bobo to OC. The coaching departure of CVG should have been seen as an opportunity to upgrade as UGA at that time was indeed elite. Instead we went to CWM. Now, 5 years later, we're back to year one of CMR, and CWM is not even going to be here according to Sac (which means it's true). Everyone got hurt. I'm feeling a little sad for the fans (myself included), and also for some coaches who thought UGA was going to be their home- we are going to lose a great deal of continuity, and I'm sad for that.

On the bright side, we have the opportunity to do it right this time. I really belive from now on the hiring decisions would be harshly objective, which would lead to fewer firing decisions. Also believe that we are not going to get complacent again, which we obviously were. And we have some great players on the roster. This feels like 2001/02 all over again. We're probably going to have a dramatically different staff, and I trust CMR to pick the right DC (remember no one had heard of CVG-- now he coaches the Falcons). Adversity makes you stronger, and this is really the first time CMR has faced it on this magnitude-- he'll come out better because of it.

So I just want to salute the staff for a good 9 years, and I'm excited for the future- better coaching, better focus and I think, more of an edge to how we do things.


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